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All buildings eventually reach the end of their useful life. If traditional demolition methods are used, potentially valuable and recyclable materials would be sent into local landfills.

Building deconstruction is an alternative method of demolition that allows for the valuable and recyclable parts of a building to be removed, sorted, and given new life. This is an important component of smart building and maintaining healthy environmental practices.

The team at Yannuzzi is trained, equipped and experienced in building deconstruction. We selectively dismantle the entire building and re-use, recycle or repurpose a very high percentage of the total materials. Our mobile crushing and recycling services allow us to provide earth-friendly recycling services at any location.

Yannuzzi building deconstruction is the smart choice when minimizing the negative impact to the environment. Contact us today to find out more about our green building recycling initiatives.

Manual demolition is a hands-on, labor-intensive method of accomplishing a demolition. This method of demolition can be the best option in tight locations, or when the use of heavy machinery is not recommended due to the noise and potential disturbance to the surroundings.

The demolition is carefully planned and professionally executed at every step in the process. Yannuzzi’s unwavering commitment to workplace safety allows us to minimize the hazards inherent in a demolition site and provide a safe and effective dismantling of the building, without damage to surrounding structures.

Residential Demolition

Yannuzzi has experience in demolishing single-family homes, apartments and condominiums. Our highly skilled personnel will assess the structure and provide the most cost-effective and technically appropriate option for demolishing the building and returning the site to a usable state. To ensure a quick and efficient demolition, we ensure that all regulations and codes are strictly followed.

Yannuzzi will use appropriately sized and specialized equipment such as cranes, excavators or bulldozers to demolish your structure, whether it is a single-family home or a large apartment building. When demolishing a residential structure, we are always aware that there are families living in close proximity to the work site. Our personnel will ensure that the work site is safe and minimally disruptive to the neighborhood and its residents.

During the demolition, all materials are broken down and sorted for recycling. Yannuzzi recognized for its dedication to make environmentally smart choices on demolition projects. Every effort is made to minimize the amount of material sent to a landfill.

Every day, Yannuzzi undertakes residential demolition projects of all sizes. Regardless of the size of the demolition, you can be assured that Yannuzzi will treat your project with the care and professionalism that you require. Contact Yannuzzi for your residential demolition project today!

Yannuzzi uses large hydraulic machinery on its projects and has its own transportation capabilities. Our ability to both self-deploy or use rail for long distances allows us to mobilize a powerful building demolition fleet anywhere in the continental USA very quickly.

Our hydraulic excavators are specialized multi-purpose tools that we can outfit with the various demolition-specific attachments required to undermine the structure and control the fall of debris. Coupled with bulldozers and other demolition tools, Yannuzzi can efficiently demolish your structure in a timeframe that fits your needs. Yannuzzi has a large stable of demolition equipment that we can tailor to a demolition project of any size.

Although most demolition is begun weeks or months in advance with fully developed schedules and careful planning, sometimes catastrophic events mandate that a damaged building must be demolished as quickly as possible in a controlled manner. When a building that has been assaulted by fire, weather, earthquake or another disaster is damaged beyond repair and is presenting a hazard to the community, you can count on Yannuzzi to act quickly to alleviate the danger.

Yannuzzi performs demolitions of unsafe structures for insurance companies, municipalities and businesses. We have equipment, experience and knowledge of local expedited regulations and codes required to be able to respond quickly to emergencies. Our professional team will demolish the structure so that the demolition site can be quickly turned into a construction site, and lives and property can be rebuilt.

Industrial & High Reach Demolition

Our high reach excavators are fitted with shear attachments and hydraulic hammers to demolish tall buildings piece by piece in a highly controlled manner. Using these demolition-specific tools, we are able to cut a structure apart and effectively separate the materials for recycling and reuse. Steel structural elements are progressively dismantled and separated and concrete is processed into a manageable size for recycling.

Excavators are sometimes not recommended for tall concrete buildings. In this case, the building will be gutted by small excavators, while keeping the outer walls intact to serve as scaffolding.

No one wants a dusty work site. At Yannuzzi we know that a wet demolition is a clean demolition. Throughout the process, we utilize fire hoses in various positions to ensure that dust is controlled.

For industrial and military sites faced with chemical, unexploded ordnance or environmental hazards, Yannuzzi is the experienced choice.  We specialize in decommissioning paper mills, chemical plants and other industrial facilities and coordinate the rehabilitation of contaminated sites. The industrial demolition team has the most up-to-date training, experience and expertise to work safely and in full compliance with EPA regulations with a wide range of hazardous materials.

Yannuzzi will prepare your demolished or deconstructed site so that new construction will begin. Our modern approach to demolition means that we take every opportunity to reuse and recycle. We sort materials by type and separate them for recycling or reuse.

Yannuzzi’s sophisticated debris processing equipment and procedures increase our ability to separate and reuse building materials. Yannuzzi was a pioneer and innovator in the use of onsite crushers, creating crushed aggregate that can be used for ground stabilization or in the mixing of concrete for the new structure.

Yannuzzi properly removes and disposes of hazardous materials and restores contaminated sites with clean fill and top soil, thus preparing the site and ready for new construction to begin.

We also provide full service roll-off, dump truck, dump trailer, walking floor and low-boy services available to hire at your convenience. In addition, our mobile crushing and recycling services can allow you to make the most of the materials at your site.

Nearly every project that Yannuzzi works on has a very significant amount of asphalt or concrete pavement that needs to be removed. Years ago, this type of waste would be sent directly to a landfill, but times have changed. Yannuzzi can reclaim much of this material that was previously thought of as waste.

Yannuzzi is a leader in the effective removal and recycling of concrete and asphalt paving materials. We understand that asphalt and concrete pavement is a valuable resource that can be reused in a variety of ways or sold as raw materials.

Yannuzzi offers a full range of asphalt and concrete demolition and removal services. Our specialized equipment and experience allows us to tackle any pavement demolition job regardless of the scale or location. We offer truly mobile crushing and recycling services, and will remove asphalt or concrete pavement and either prepare it for re-use onsite or recycle the material so it does not go into landfills.

Partial, Selective & Interior Demolition

Partial and selective demolition is often the first step when an existing building or facility is being upgraded, renovated or remodeled. Whether the interior of an office building is being demolished to modernize its look and feel, or a wall needs to be removed to make room for an addition, it is crucial that this process be handled by demolition experts to ensure the building systems and structural integrity of the remaining buildings is left undamaged.

This type of partial demolition requires a high degree of attention to detail and respect for the surrounding residents, employees and businesses.  We take every step to minimize the noise, dust and debris of the demolition site. Yannuzzi is experienced in finding ways to keep the business operational with minimal disturbance while the work continues. To achieve this, we may work after business hours or on weekends and use noise and dust abatement procedures to ensure that disruptions and distractions are kept to a minimum.

Our specialized demolition equipment can target the areas that require destruction while leaving the surrounding areas intact and structurally sound. We understand that certain historical timbers or artifacts must remain in place and be undamaged. Yannuzzi is pleased to provide your project with the care and attention you require to ensure that important architectural elements remain beautiful and an important part of the structure for years to come.

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