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Water Mains

Yannuzzi’s Wet Utilities team has the experience and knowledge required to successfully build both water mains and tie-ins to municipal water facilities. Whether we are laying massive water main pipes or simply providing a tie-in, you can count on us to ensure that all federal, state and local regulations are met and the work is conducted quickly and safely.

One of the most common water projects is a tie-in to an existing water main. The process for a typical water main tie-in begins with locating and marking the existing utilities. Our team then cuts through pavement with surgical precision to ensure that the impact to the surrounding area is minimal. The site is excavated and the system and valves are installed. After passing a pressure test, the lines are disinfected and tested for bacterial contamination. After passing the contamination test, the holes are filled and the pavement restored.

Yannuzzi will complete your water main work quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your facilities are up and running as soon as possible.