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Yannuzzi Residential Demolition is a leading innovator in the residential demolition industry. Yannuzzi Residential Demolition is part of of the powerful Yannuzzi Group, a large, well-respected company with deep knowledge about aspects of demolition that are particular to residential units.

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We provide professional mechanical and manual residential demolition services for single family homes, apartments and condominiums on both a large and a small scale, individually or in groups. We are happy to work with individual homeowners to demolish a single house, as well as with general contractors, developers and government agencies who need to demolish a cluster of homes, apartments or condos at once.

We offer our residential demolition clients turnkey service, so that there’s no additional worries once Yannuzzi begins the process. We’re licensed, bonded and insured, so you know you’re in good hands. We handle all of the paperwork, testing and pre-work, which includes obtaining the proper demolition permits, identifying lead contaminants, conducting the asbestos survey, verifying rodent extermination and notifying adjacent property owners and shutting down the utilities. Our goal is to make your demolition experience painless, efficient and economical.

We are proud to perform all of the work ourselves; we don’t subcontract our work to anyone. We offer the cost advantage of being able to recycle masonry ourselves rather than paying for disposal, and we provide our own trucking fleet. That’s the power of having the Yannuzzi Group on your side. Because our own experts will be assigned to your demolition, we are able to guarantee a safe, efficient demolition with minimal disruption to daily life.

A Proud History

Yannuzzi was founded in 1927 by James Yannuzzi as a trucking company, but soon expanded in size and scope to become one of the Northeast’s premier demolition contractors. Our work is more than just a business for us; it’s our way of life. Our President, John Yannuzzi, is dedicated to continuing our long tradition of excellence by providing each of our clients with exceptional customer service and outstanding demolition services.

Safe Demolition

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At Yannuzzi, we realize that demolition sites can be inherently hazardous areas, both for our employees and for the surrounding community. That’s why we take special care to place barriers such as fences up around our sites, so that curious neighbors, children and others are not tempted to investigate.

Because of our focus on demolition safety, we have been able to achieve an excellent Experience Modification Rate (EMR). The EMR is a tool measures the historical safety record of an employer to determine future risk; ratings lower than 1.0 show a safer than average working environment. Yannuzzzi’s EMR is 0.667, which reflects the dedication and care that we take every day to ensure a safe working environment.

A wet demolition site is a clean demolition site, so we use specialized water misting and dust suppression equipment to keep down the fine particulates so that our workers and nearby residents are protected from asthma-inducing dust and airborne contaminants.

We conform to all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, and before beginning work each day we start with a team meeting that covers safe demolition practices and describes the work to be done that day so that our employees know what to expect. Proper planning and careful attention at each step in the process helps us ensure that our demolition site is safe and the work is completed on time without issues.

Minimal Disruptions

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Residential homes and structures to be demolished are frequently located next to other occupied buildings. It’s important to keep noise, dust and disruption to a minimum while completing the work promptly.

To minimize the effect on nearby residents, we always use specialized dust suppression equipment and water-efficient misting devices to ensure that the demolition site remains wet. This ensures that dust and other debris does not migrate outside of the demolition site.

Yannuzzi ensures that traffic around the site continues to flow smoothly by having our employees operate flags to direct and control traffic around the site if required. For more complex demolitions, we notify the police department to create a road closure and detour so that surrounding residents can continue to their destination in a safe, predictable manner.

We complete our work quickly so that the site can be prepared for future construction or development. It often takes just a few days to demolish a house, townhome or condo. This allows the neighborhood to quickly get back to normal.

Emergency Demolition

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Fires and floods are a common reason why houses, apartments and condos must be demolished. When a structure is compromised and creates an unsafe environment, emergency demolition measures must be used to bring the structure down as quickly as possible. Our local and city governments allow for an expedited demolition process in those cases where the building poses a risk of collapse or injury.

The Yannuzzi team is highly skilled and experienced in emergency demolitions of all sizes and scopes. We are very familiar with the emergency permit requirements and procedures that must be followed in your area to achieve a safe, quick demolition.

Catastrophic damage by fire, flood or storms is always an unwelcome and sudden change to our lives. The Yannuzzi Residential team will help you get the structure down quickly so that the property can be rebuilt and new memories made.

Specialized Equipment

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Yannuzzi has the right equipment for your demolition. Whether you need a small excavator or skid steer that can enter a building, or a 96-foot tall excavator with extended reach to demolish an 8-story structure, we have the right equipment at the right size for your site.

Our fleet of specialized demolition equipment and attachments are specifically manufactured for the tough work of demolition. Our equipment includes shears to cut through steel beams, pulverizer attachments to crush masonry, and grapples to pick and pull sections of the structure apart. To preserve the integrity of streets and concrete, we use rubber track excavators that can move over these areas without scoring the paved surface.

If the demolition area is extremely tight or certain parts of the building must be removed and preserved, our team is trained in the art and science of manual demolition using hand tools.

Yannuzzi is the experienced choice for all of your demolition needs.

Hazardous Materials

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Lead paint, asbestos and other contaminants are common fixtures in older buildings, and can complicate the demolition. Fortunately, Yannuzzi has the experience and the equipment required to identify and safely remove these materials so that the community and our workers are protected.

Asbestos can hide in plain sight where you would least expect it. Vinyl floor tiles, mastic, drywall joint filler compound, caulking, thermal system insulation and roofing are just some of the many places where asbestos can be found. The Yannuzzi Group has a world-class asbestos abatement division, dedicated to safely removing and transporting this carcinogenic material off-site for disposal. We use an impartial third party asbestos testing service to test and analyze the risk to ensure that the test results and locations are identified in their entirety.

Before the asbestos is removed, the work area is sealed with film and negative air pressure is maintained so that the asbestos fibers will not escape the work site. Our specialized asbestos containment vacuums will capture any airborne or standing asbestos fibers. Any asbestos-containing material is then sealed for transport to a state-permitted landfill.

Lead paint was common before 1978, and causes unique health hazards as demolition begins. Yannuzzi’s team has extensive training and experience in safely removing lead contaminated materials from the work site and disposing of the contaminated material in accordance with the Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction act of 1992.

If we find that the soil on the site is contaminated, the Yannuzzi Group’s Environmental Services division can step in and remediate the soil. Over the years we have removed and remediated millions of tons of soil so that the site of the demolition is once again safe for construction and habitation.

We take the health of our workers, future residents and the community very seriously. We know that our clients depend on us to ensure that the demolition site is free of dangerous contaminants so that the work of building a safe new structure can begin.

Preserving Our Past

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In some cases, a building’s interiors and fixtures have historic value that must be preserved. Yannuzzi will deconstruct these buildings by hand, carefully removing all items of historic, artistic and recyclable value so that much of the building may be reused. Whether you want to preserve bricks, doors, mantles or other architectural details, Yannuzzi’s team will handle these prized possessions with care so that you can continue the building’s legacy.

Recycling for a Sustainable Future

Recycling is a core part of our corporate identity, and we do everything we can to further the cause of recycling and reuse. Every bit of material that we can salvage and reuse means less natural resources that must be harvested from the earth or used during transport. On every demolition we separate and recycle all metals, masonry, Freon, mercury bulbs and thermostats.

The Yannuzzi Group owns and operates a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) licensed class “B” recycling facility that will take in the debris from the demolition site such as concrete, masonry, brick and asphalt and will convert these materials into cost-effective building materials that will be reused for future construction projects.

If you would like certain parts of the building preserved, such as historic doors, mantles, shiplap or anything with personal, monetary or historic value we are happy to carefully remove those items and present them to you for display or reuse.

A New Beginning

At Yannuzzi, we view demolition not as the end of an era but as the beginning of a world of new possibilities. By professionally demolishing an existing structure, we provide you with the blank canvas upon which a new home or building can be built, or a new park constructed.

Every day, Yannuzzi undertakes residential demolition projects of all sizes. Regardless of the size of the demolition, you can be assured that Yannuzzi will treat your project with the care and professionalism that you require.

We are proud of our role in helping to develop our neighborhoods and communities. Contact us today at 908-218-0880 to discuss your residential demolition needs.

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