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Recycling Facility

At Yannuzzi, we take pride in being a recycling leader. Using the latest machinery and equipment in conjunction with best practices, we operate a state-of-the-art recycling yard. As one of Somerset County’s leading recycling facilities, we have extraordinary recycling capabilities. We excel at taking a pile of concrete and metals and turning it into a valuable, environmentally friendly product.

Recycling Services

We offer competitive prices for inbound and outbound materials and offer delivery and pick-up services.

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Inbound Materials

Outbound Materials

Recycled Building Products

Yannuzzi Recycling Yard is your source for buying new and recycled materials for your building project. We offer a variety of stabilization and fill products as well as new and recycled concrete, brick and asphalt materials. Just come in and load up what you need or give us a call and we can deliver it to you.

Construction Waste Recycling

If recycling is what you're looking for, we do that too. We provide recycling services to contractors, construction, utilities and excavation companies and accept a variety of building materials for recycling at competitive rates. We also offer on-site pick up service for an additional fee and special pricing on large quantity orders.

Bulk Material Delivery

Yannuzzi can ship bulk landscape and construction material to you using the most time- and cost-efficient method for your project. We can dispatch our trucks to your location, or you can receive the shipment via rail.

Dumping Services

You can drop off construction materials directly at Yannuzzi’s recycling yard, or you can arrange for pickup at your convenience. The types of materials that we accept for recycling include concrete, asphalt, pavers and blocks.

Uses of Recycled Materials

We provide raw materials for your construction needs. Our cost-effective products can be used as a viable alternative to fill or Dense Graded Aggregate (DGA). Our recycled products have many uses:

Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement New Jersey
Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)

Yannuzzi processes the crushed raw asphalt to create Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP). RAP is a high-quality material that is frequently used in the construction of roads and highways.

Recycled Concrete Aggregate New York
Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA)

Yannuzzi provides Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) in multiple sizes geared towards your specific use. Frequently, RCA finds a home as a base layer for roads, but can also be used as a base layer for smaller projects such as residential patios.

Recycled Concrete Aggregate New York
Clean RCA

Yannuzzi provides Clean Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) in multiple sizes for different uses. Clean RCA can be used as new concrete for pavements and foundations.

Recycled Concrete Aggregate New York
Quarry Process

Yannuzzi produces Quarry process (QP) which is a mix of crushed stone and stone dust. Due to QP's durability and strength, it is often used for construction of roads, driveways and bike paths.

Recycled Concrete Aggregate New York
Red Brick Chips

Red Brick Chips are another 100% recycled product that Yannuzzi produces. Fire and rot resistant, red brick chips are often used in landscaping, around paths and parking areas, and are a great alternative to mulch.

Recycled Concrete Aggregate New York
2 1/2" Concrete Clean

Yannuzzi produces 2 1/2" concrete clean. Clean RCA comes in various sizes and is used primarily to make new concrete for foundations and pavements.

Recycled Concrete Aggregate New York
Blue DGA

Yannuzzi produces recycled Blue Dense Graded Agregate (DGA). A type of Quarry process, Blue DGA is a NJDOT approved & clean to meet environmental remediation standards structural fill used for roads and pathways.

Recycled Concrete Aggregate New York
3/4" Blue

Yannuzzi produces 3/4" Blue, also known as ASTM57. This product is a dust free quarried aggregate used for drainage & base. It is NJDOT approved & clean to meet environmental remediation standards.


State of the Art Class B Recycling Facilities

State of the Art Class B Recycling Facilities New Jersey

Yannuzzi owns and operates a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) licensed Class “B” Recycling Facility for concrete and asphalt. At our recycling yard we take in discarded concrete and asphalt and crush it to multiple sizes so that it can be re-used for other purposes, such as road bed construction. Our recycling facility is rail-fed, allowing us to support a wide geographic region.

State of the Art Class B Recycling Facilities New Jersey

Our state-of-the-art crushing facility has been in operation for 8 years. We utilize a team of experts and the most up-to-date machinery and equipment to ensure proper reclamation and processing of materials.

Our primary crusher is the Jaw Crusher and our secondary crusher is an Impact Crusher. The combination of these two crushers allows us to provide a range of sizes in the crushed material that we can provide. In addition, we use off road trucks, track hoe excavators and front end loaders to support our recycling operation. We run our facility 6 days a week to process a high volume of materials for your project.

Recycling is at the heart of our core values and we have molded our business and daily operations around maximizing the amount of material we collect and recycle or reuse. Our goal is to obtain the maximum amount of recyclable product from what is typically considered waste. By redirecting this raw material away from a landfill, we are able to improve the environment, be good stewards of global resources, and help our clients achieve LEED credits.

Equipment We Use

Powerscreen Warrior 1400

Yannuzzi uses the modern, efficient equipment to facilitate our concrete and asphalt recycling operations. The Powerscreen Warrior 1400 is one of our many heavy duty material processing machines. It is a high production, heavy duty material separator/screener that allows us to separate a range of materials quickly and at high levels of sizing accuracy.

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High Capacity trucks
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Mobile crushing Plant
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High capacity loader
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Track hoe excavators


Yannuzzi is proud to do our part to redirect construction waste away from the landfill and it into a valuable resource that can be given new life in your construction project. Yannuzzi has recycled over 8 million tons of concrete, keeping many millions of cubic meters of waste out of landfills.


Yannuzzi produces quality construction materials for your project which can be used in a variety of implementations.


Our site is rail-fed, enabling us to expand and provide more efficient delivery to our service areas.


Our goal is to achieve highest possible percentage of recycled content from construction waste. These practices help our clients achieve LEED credit, minimize project costs and reduce materials that eventually end up in landfills.

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Landfill Reduction NJ

Landfill Reduction

Centrally located in the Tri-State area, we have recycled over 8 million tons of concrete and masonry to date, which would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

reclaimed asphalt NJ

Generation of New Materials

We are one of the largest producers of construction materials. These materials are used in a variety of implementations.

Rail Fed Transportation recycling facility

Rail Fed Transportation

Our site is rail-fed, enabling us to expand and be more efficient to the areas that we provide service to.

LEED Credit NJ

LEED Credit

Our goal to achieve maximum recycling of generated materials has proven beneficial to clients, business and the environment. These practices help clients achieve LEED credit, minimize project costs and reduce materials that eventually end up in landfills.