Residential demolition contractor in New Jersey

Baxter Terrace Housing Projects

Project Name: Baxter Terrace Housing Projects
Project Duration: 8 months
Location: Newark, NJ
Project Owner: City of Newark
Project Description: Demolition of 32 residential buildings with lead paint remediation and asbestos abatement.

The Baxter Terrace Housing Projects built in 1941 was the first housing project in Newark, NJ. The projects provided affordable housing for the city's low income families but throughout the decades, the lack of upkeep caused the condition of the projects to deteriorate. The site was overrun by rats and high crime rates and needed to be demolished.

The City of Newark contracted Yannuzzi Group to demolish the 502 unit public housing complex so that they could rebuild the site and re-energize the community. Yannuzzi Group demolished a total of 32 residential buildings which included lead paint remediation and asbestos abatement. Always implementing the most environmentally friendly methods available during demolition, Yannuzzi was able to amass and recycle an astonishing 150,000 tons of masonry by the project's end.

Due to the Baxter's Terrace Housing Projects significance in history as a symbol of urban optimisim, artifacts from the original building were salvaged and donated to the Smithsonian for display in the National African-American Museum. The site was rebuilt as Baxter Park and includes mixed-income green apartment buildings and affordable shopping.