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Anchor Glass Factory

Project Name: Anchor Glass Factory
Project Duration: Ongoing
Location: Aberdeen, NJ
Project Owner: Somerset Properties, LLC
Project Description: Demolition of a 51 acre factory site and asbestos abatement.

The Yannuzzi Group was called upon by Somerset Development LLC to complete the demolition of the Anchor Glass factory in Aberdeen, New Jersey. The project was a large one, covering 51 acres and encompassing the demolition of a 460,000 square foot facility.

The site had been abandoned for approximately 20 years and was an eyesore and a danger for the community. The demolition would clear the way for a new mixed use development project called The Glassworks, that included housing, retail, a movie theater, hotel and a park. The Yannuzzi Group got to work with the demolition, which included asbestos abatement services, slab and foundation removal for multiple warehouses, and the demolition of the factory and two one million gallon water towers.

Given the breadth of the project, the Yannuzzi Group was uniquely qualified to perform the demolition of the site. We are proud to have participated in the rebirth of this historic site in Aberdeen.