Residential demolition contractor in New Jersey

New Jersey DEP/FEMA

Project Name: NJ DEP/FEMA Demolitions
Project Duration: 6 Weeks
Location: Sayreville, NJ
Project Owner: The State of New Jersey Dept. of Treasury DPMC
Project Description: Demolition of 30 flood damaged homes following "Super Storm Sandy."

Super Storm Sandy wreaked havoc on the East coast in the Fall of 2012. One of the hardest hit places was Sayreville, NJ,where flooding and storm damage caused thousands of homes to become unfit to live in. The state of New Jersey called on Yannuzzi Group Inc. to help clean up the mess.

In a vibrant and active family neighborhood in Sayreville, 12 homes needed to be demolished. To lessen the impact on the lives of the people in the community, Yannuzzi implemented a strict schedule and performed dust free demolition. Much of the materials from the homes was salvageable and sent to our recycling yard to be repurposed to rebuild the town. The neighborhood clean up project was completed in only 6 short weeks which positively affected the community by not creating undue congestion.