Beach re-nourishment contractor New Jersey

Prospect Beach Renourishment

Project Name: Prospect Beach Renourishment
Project Duration: 90 Days
Location: West Haven, CT
Project Owner: United States Army Corps of Engineers
Project Description: Replacement of 150,000 tons of sand

Yannuzzi Group is experienced in beach replenishment services and possesses the equipment to perform complex renourishment projects. We have completed sand replenishment and beautification services to numerous beaches along the East Coast.

When Super Storm Sandy came to shore, she not only destroyed thousands of homes and buildings but also caused substantial damage to our beautiful beaches by of washing away sand from the coastline. The United State Army Corps of Engineers contacted Yannuzzi to return popular, Prospect Beach, to its pre-storm condition. Armed with state of the art equipment and professional engineers and crew members, Yannuzzi Group's team got to work dredging and filling the Connecticut coastline and replaced over 150,000 tons of sand to Prospect Beach.