Site restoration and demolition in Alabama

Anniston Army Depot

Project Name: Anniston Army Depot
Project Duration: 6 weeks
Location: Anniston, AL
Project Owner: US Army Corps
Project Description: Demolition and site restoration of two office buildings and asbestos abatement.

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The Yannuzzi Group was privileged to work for the US Army Corps in Anniston, Alabama. Yannuzzi performed a demolition and site restoration of two office buildings on the base. The two buildings to be demolished were building 15, which covered 4,368 square feet, and building 16, which was 4,638 square feet. As part of the demolition, Yannuzzi was contracted to safely remove and dispose of asbestos containing material found throughout the buildings.

Before demolition could begin in earnest, the asbestos in both buildings needed to be safely removed and the hazards eliminated. Samples were taken throughout the building, and asbestos was found in materials such as the wallboard and joint compound, floor tile, wall covering, HVAC connections, and flooring and asbestos was assumed to be present in the roofing materials.

The Yannuzzi team went to work to seal off the affected areas and prep the site for asbestos removal. Indoor areas were sealed off so that negative air pressure could be maintained, effectively isolating the asbestos fibers and ensuring that they could not escape into the rest of the building. Specialized asbestos containment vacuums were used to trap and safely remove airborne particles or asbestos dust. The remaining asbestos was carefully lifted, sealed and removed for proper disposal.

Once the asbestos was removed, the demolition began. A PC 400 excavator was used to demolish the buildings and the material was hauled away. The recyclable parts of the building such as concrete were sorted and sent to a recycling yard.

After demolition, Yannuzzi brought the site back to grade using compacted fill and topsoil, and planted grass seed to beautify the location.

Yannuzzi was proud to complete this project on time and on budget for the US Army Corps.