Non-union demolition contractor in NJ open shop non-union demolition contractor in New Jersey

Non-Union Demolition Contractor

The Yannuzzi Group is a non-union contractor. We know that only as an open shop can we deliver the teamwork, expertise and commitment our customers expect when America’s finest demolition contractor enters the jobsite.

The Yannuzzi Group thrives in its role as a national leader in the construction industry and as an unmatched expert in fast track demolition projects. As a family-owned and operated business spanning 3 generations, we value hard work, excellence, and providing a positive environment in which our employees can thrive. Our management team, supervisors, operators, technicians and staff all work together to make our projects run smoothly and safely. We are proud to be a non-union contractor with a large labor force.

We value all of our employees, and work hard to provide everyone with the opportunity to advance within the Yannuzzi team. We take an active role in listening to our employees’ suggestions and concerns, and make sure they are empowered to make the right decisions on the jobsite. We are all part of the same team, working together to provide superior construction, demolition and recycling services throughout the Northeast. Our open shop encourages hard work, professionalism, and a pride of work that we feel is unmatched.

We are in full compliance with all applicable workers’ compensation, OSHA and unemployment compensation programs, and support and champion the thoughtful and appropriate evolution of these programs to ensure that workers’ rights and health are always a prime concern. We understand that the Yannuzzi reputation for excellence is a direct result of the experience and skill of our talented and dedicated staff, and we care deeply for their wellbeing. We work tirelessly to provide a positive experience for both our clients and our employees.