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Removal & Recycling of Universal Waste

Universal waste is defined as very common yet hazardous waste that we deal with in our daily lives. This type of waste typically goes unnoticed yet can cause serious health and environmental issues if the waste is treated improperly.

Most people are aware that fluorescent light fixtures usually have bulbs that contain mercury. However, the ballasts associated with these fixtures always have insulation oil in them. If the ballasts were manufactured before 1986, this oil contains polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which is a well-known toxic and persistent organic pollutant that may cause cancer.

Our team is trained to think differently to spot these common everyday sources of hazardous waste and to deal with them properly. Yannuzzi is committed to ongoing hazardous materials education so that all workers can identify areas that may contain hazardous materials.

Examples of universal waste include: