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Lead Paint Remediation

Lead was a common ingredient in paints before 1978. As lead paint ages, the dangers inherent in lead become more pronounced. Lead paint chips and dust pose serious health hazards to adults and children. If lead paint is found inside a building, steps must be taken to ensure that the paint poses no threat to its occupants.

There are four lead abatement methods that can remove the hazard:

Handling lead paint and ensuring that the dust does not contaminate the surrounding areas is an important part of the remediation process. Due to the age of many of the buildings on the work site, we have extensive first-hand experience in dealing with lead paint contamination.

Yannuzzi’s team has been extensively trained and will safely remove and dispose of lead paint when required in accordance with the Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction of act of 1992. During demolition, restoration or construction all pieces of the structure that have been removed and are contaminated with lead paint must be properly handled and transported to a designated disposal site. Our team will ensure that the lead poses no threat during demolition, transportation and ultimate disposal.