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On-site remediation

On-site remediation, also known as in-situ remediation, is the process of treating contaminated soil or water in place, or “in-situ.” On-site remediation can be a cost-effective alternative to treat polluted soil or water if certain soil conditions are met. It can also be an effective solution to treat soil that is far below ground, prohibiting excavation. Benefits of on-site soil bioremediation include lower cost and reduced impact to the location site, but may come at the cost of a longer treatment time. Contaminants that can be effectively treated using this method include oil, kerosene, solvents, pesticides, semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC), phenols, nitrates and toxic metals.

Yannuzzi Environmental Services will partner with a third party to perform soil and water tests. As a professional environmental remediation provider, we ensure impartiality by partnering with an outside firm to perform the testing and analysis of the site.

During on-site soil bioremediation treatment, Yannuzzi Environmental Services will drill holes to access the contaminated soil or insert PVC pipe with holes into a mound of earth. These holes will be used to inject oxygen into the soil. Soil inoculant and nutrients will be added if required. Soil inoculation, or bio augmentation, is the process of enriching the soil with additional or specialized microbes to supplement those already found on-site.

Once exposed to oxygen and with the proper nutrients available, the microorganisms present in the contaminated area will work to degrade the organic contaminants. Yannuzzi will monitor the moisture and nutrient levels, supplementing as needed to ensure that the contaminants are rendered harmless.

Once the proper balance has been achieved, the microorganisms will process the contaminants and eliminate hazards. This natural process of microbial digestion transforms contaminants such as hydrocarbons into other molecules such as water and carbon dioxide and ethane. Holes are created in the earth to ensure that the microorganisms present in the soil have enough oxygen to properly degrade contaminants, rendering them harmless.

Water contaminants such as Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (LNAPLs) are not soluble and are less dense than water, so they float on top of the water table. Yannuzzi Environmental Services will drill holes to access the contaminated groundwater and then pump the contaminants out for safe processing and disposal.

On-site remediation is often used in tandem with off-site remediation to ensure that the site is treated in the most complete and cost-effective manner.