ex-situ environmental remediation in NJ offsite soil remediation services in NJ

Off-site remediation

Off-site remediation, also known as ex-situ remediation, alleviates contamination issues by removing contaminated soil or water for disposal or placing it in a lined treatment area above ground on- or off-site, where the microorganisms already present will be exposed to oxygen.

During the planning stages, the site will be tested and analyzed to determine the location and type of contaminants. Yannuzzi Environmental Services always engages a third party to perform soil and water tests to ensure impartiality.

During treatment, the Yannuzzi Environmental Services will ensure that the proper microorganisms, oxygen, moisture and nutrients are available within the soil mixture; this allows the microorganisms to degrade organic contaminants such as oil, kerosene, solvents, pesticides, semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC), phenols, nitrates and toxic metals. If required, a targeted cocktail of microorganism inoculant can be added to assist in degrading specific contaminants.

In many cases, off-site remediation can be combined with on-site remediation to achieve the maximum benefit with the lowest possible cost and the least disruption to the environment.  Yannuzzi Environmental Services will analyze each bioremediation site to determine the best combination of treatments.