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Steel Salvage & Asset Recovery

Reduce waste and reclaim value from the hidden assets in your building with Yannuzzi’s steel salvage and asset recovery services.

Steel Salvage Leader

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Yannuzzi is the trusted name in steel salvage. Each year, we process 15,000 tons of steel from our demolition sites. We deal directly with steel mills, avoiding middleman brokers that take a chunk out of the bottom line.

Yannuzzi’s team is able to work with steel mills because we take the time to properly test and prepare the material before it reaches their facility. First we remove the material using shears and excavators with magnets. The material is then sheared on site, allowing the mills to accept the steel for direct processing. We test each batch with portable spectrometers to determine its components, thus ensuring the purity of the material.

With Yannuzzi, you will get top dollar for your salvaged steel because we dismantle and process the steel properly to take advantage of the highest prices.

Professional Asset Recovery

Do you have equipment at your site that can be resold? If you have a chiller, generator, boiler or other equipment, you may be able to reclaim that asset’s value to offset the costs of demolition or construction. Yannuzzi’s employees are trained to properly identify, dismantle and market your assets to our vast network of affiliated buyers.

With Yannuzzi, the process of asset recovery is painless. We have the proper equipment, knowledge, and industry contacts to safely remove the equipment and ensure that your assets receive an excellent price.