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Industrial & High Reach Demolition

Although Yannuzzi handles building and industrial demolition projects of all scales and complexities, high reach demolition is a particular area of great expertise for Yannuzzi.

Our high reach excavators are fitted with shear attachments and hydraulic hammers to demolish tall buildings piece by piece in a highly controlled manner. Using these demolition-specific tools, we are able to cut a structure apart and effectively separate the materials for recycling and reuse. Steel structural elements are progressively dismantled and separated and concrete is processed into a manageable size for recycling.

Excavators are sometimes not recommended for tall concrete buildings. In this case, the building will be gutted by small excavators, while keeping the outer walls intact to serve as scaffolding.

No one wants a dusty work site. At Yannuzzi we know that a wet demolition is a clean demolition. Throughout the process, we utilize fire hoses in various positions to ensure that dust is controlled.

For industrial and military sites faced with chemical, unexploded ordnance or environmental hazards, Yannuzzi is the experienced choice.  We specialize in decommissioning paper mills, chemical plants and other industrial facilities and coordinate the rehabilitation of contaminated sites. The industrial demolition team has the most up-to-date training, experience and expertise to work safely and in full compliance with EPA regulations with a wide range of hazardous materials.

If you have a specialized demolition need, contact us to hear more about how we can help you achieve your objectives.