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Demolition Contractor

Yannuzzi Group is the leading Demolition Contractor in the New Jersey area. Founded in 1927, we are a third generation, family-owned company. A respected leader and innovator of the demolition industry with over 70 years in the business and vast expertise with demolition of every conceivable type of building or facility, we are always the best choice.

Our State of the Art Demolition Contractor Services:

Building Implosion Contractor

Demolition is the art and science of tearing down buildings and other structures. Similarly, deconstruction is the finer art of removing and separating the valuable and recyclable parts of a building so that the raw materials may be recycled and/or reused.

Federal Project Demolition Contractor

Yannuzzi has successfully completed major demolition and deconstruction projects for multiple clients, including private, municipal, state and federal agencies. We specialize in heavy equipment demolition, using attachments such as hydraulic hammers and grapples that are specific to the demolition industry.

Other Demolition Contractor Services

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Our services include building demolition, plant decommissioning, wrecking, dismantling, interior and selective demolition, industrial and commercial demolition, high-rise implosion and high reach demolition.

For your peace of mind, we ensure that all of our demolition projects are in full compliance with all applicable regulations and codes.

At Yannuzzi we have a proven record of completing projects ahead of schedule and within budget. We work directly with municipal offices in obtaining necessary permits, submitting necessary notifications and documents, disconnecting utilities and setting rodent and pest baiting. With a “safety first” directive, we ensure that all of the proper steps are taken before the first brick falls.

What makes Yannuzzi Different?