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Over Eight Decades of experience

Building & Commercial Demolition Contractor

Yannuzzi Group is the leading Demolition Contractor in New Jersey. Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled personnel ensures that your building and commercial demolition project will be completed quickly, safely, and effectively, with minimal disruption to the site.

Top of the line - Commercial Demolition Contractor Equipment

Yannuzzi uses large hydraulic machinery on its projects and has its own transportation capabilities. Our ability to both self-deploy or use rail for long distances allows us to mobilize a powerful building demolition fleet anywhere in the continental USA very quickly.

Our hydraulic excavators are specialized multi-purpose tools that we can outfit with the various demolition-specific attachments required to undermine the structure and control the fall of debris. Coupled with bulldozers and other demolition tools, Yannuzzi can efficiently demolish your structure in a timeframe that fits your needs. Yannuzzi has a large stable of demolition equipment that we can tailor to a demolition project of any size.

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