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Building Deconstruction

All buildings eventually reach the end of their useful life. If traditional demolition methods are used, potentially valuable and recyclable materials would be sent into local landfills.

Building deconstruction is an alternative method of demolition that allows for the valuable and recyclable parts of a building to be removed, sorted, and given new life. This is an important component of smart building and maintaining healthy environmental practices.

The team at Yannuzzi is trained, equipped and experienced in building deconstruction. We selectively dismantle the entire building and re-use, recycle or repurpose a very high percentage of the total materials. Our mobile crushing and recycling services allow us to provide earth-friendly recycling services at any location.

Yannuzzi building deconstruction is the smart choice when minimizing the negative impact to the environment. Contact us today to find out more about our green building recycling initiatives.